Seasonal Decorating Made Easy

Looking to make your house feel cozy for the change of seasons? Here's 3 easy tips to introduce that seasonal feeling - without covering every surface in fake leaves or evergreen garland! 


As the season’s change, we add different layers to our wardrobe. This could be a chunky cardigan, a brimmed hat or even a richly colored scarf. Even if the weather isn’t changing much, our clothing often does! 

Think of your home decor as following in fashion’s footsteps...Change out the top layers to switch up your look. Fabrics are an easy way to do this. Think about switching out throw pillows and adding a blanket. I like to change my living room curtains from breezy linen to deep green velvet to make it extra cozy. If you’re decorating a flat surface like a coffee table, kitchen island or dining set, one of our favorite tricks is using a base layer  to “ground” your decor. Grounding base layer examples are a table runner, tray, bowl or basket.  

Holidy decor on wood pedestal

 Not only does it add layers and interest….. No matter what you're displaying, if it’s grouped in a tray or a basket it looks like it’s meant to be there! Candles, a vase of flowers, and some trinkets can feel messy just sitting on a surface in our home. But placing them on a base layer gives them a sense of place. It looks curated and intentional! When in doubt, add a base layer. 

When you’re creating a display in your home, texture is important to create contrast. You can see in this photo that the natural surface of the wooden tray is different from the smooth ceramic pots, fluffy wheat stems and rough pine cones. But they all work together because of it.

 home decor on tray

Here’s a decorator trick: Use texture, height and pattern differences with purpose. 

Having different textures grouped side by side is interesting. It keeps our eye moving from object to object. The different heights of the objects matter too - if everything on that tray was the same height you’d barely give it a glance. But because your eye can flow from one thing to another, it becomes a talking point.  If you have a special item in your home; a memento, treasured keepsake or favorite photo, try displaying it on a base layer and accent it with opposing textures of varying heights.  

  1. SCENT- 

Scent is powerful, and it can make or break a space! Burning an amazing candle like this one or choosing a seasonal essential oil in a diffuser can instantly add a warm and welcoming feel to your home or workplace. 

Pro Tip: Bringing a wrapped bouquet of flowers and a scented candle as a host/hostess gift will definitely make a good impression at holiday dinners.  

Some of our most popular seasonal scents remind us of our favorite Algona places and spaces. The rich scent of spruce brings to mind long walks through Call Park or through the trees of the Nature Center. Cranberry notes pair perfectly with a sip of local Train Wreck Wine! No matter what scents you prefer, be sure to burn your candles the right way. 

To learn all about proper candle care and burning, check out this blog post.

candles on tray


3 - COLOR 

Changing out fabrics and decor to different colors can instantly add the feelings of the season.  

We like the traditional autumn colors inspired by pumpkins and changing leaves or a favorite flannel shirt. But who said we have to stick to orange or red? 

Don’t hesitate to use “non-traditional” colors. This is where texture comes in. If your home is a classic neutral palette, add a vase of bleached grasses and white or wooden accents. A dusty lavender or sage green would complement this color palette. If you thrive off of bright pops of color, a deep plum or mustard yellow may be just the ticket.     

Of course our favorite way to add color is through flowers. Choose your favorite color or focus on an accent color already in the room and play it up with a vase of stems. For example, if your dining room has a photo with shades of blues, yellows and greens, a vase of all yellow lilies or chrysthanthemums would look beautiful on the table. These long lasting flowers are an easy way to add a pop of color and having a vase of fresh blooms in your home is a great mental health boost! Call Bloom for our color and floral recommendations for your spaces or sign up for our subscription here

 squash and flowers

If you love decorating for the season, Bloom creates custom made permanent floral designs that you can display year after year! Our designers can coordinate with existing fabrics or artwork in your space to be sure that the colors and style flow perfectly.

Introducing a warm color, a scent and adding some texture are all easy ways to transition your home for the season if “full on flair” is not your style. I mean, we do love a good leaf garland, pumpkin collection or Christmas village…. but we love simple practical swaps like these as well! If you find yourself in need of a few things- come see us at Bloom. We've got great items to help your home feel inviting and fresh, all year round!

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