Candle Care Tips

When the weather cools down our thoughts turn to warm memories and traditions. Whether it’s a toasting marshmallow over an open fire camping at Call Park, or the smell of fresh cut grass at an Algona Bulldog or Bishop Garrigan Bears football game, the scents of the season surround us and create strong impressions. Because of our brain's anatomy, scents and memories are stored in the same way.   

One of my favorite scents is is the smell of browned butter. It immediately takes me back to my Grandma's kitchen.... The smell of fresh cut lumber brings up memories of helping my dad with a home project, and certain colognes put me right back in high school! 

At Bloom, we love curating the perfect mix of seasonal scents for your home and lifestyle. Our Greenleaf is known for long burn time (this size is 90-100 hours!) and perfectly blended scent combinations. But did you know that there are ways to get even more out of your candles? Follow these tips! 


* Allow the top layer of wax to follow melt on the first burn

Just like your mother-in-law, a candle never forgets. The wax in a candle has a “memory,” so the width that it melts on the first burn will be as wide as it ever melts. 

A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle for 1 hour per inch diameter. So if your candle is 4” wide, burn it for 4 hours initially - supervised of course. Getting an even initial burn will prevent the wick from ending up in a wax tunnel.  


* Trim the wick before each use. 

To keep your wax clean and prevent smoking, keep your wick clean and tidy. Trim it between burns to ¼” length. Wicks that are left long or crooked can cause uneven burning, dripping, and  flaring. And nobody wants that! Regularly maintained wicks can prolong the life of your candle by 25%, so get trimming!     

Candle snuffer and votive candle


* Snuff the candle instead of blowing it out to keep your wax clean 

I know, I know, it’s fun to blow it out. But save it for your next birthday cake and invest in a pretty snuffer instead! Find it HERE. Blowing across your candle leaves a mess. This is not just unattractive; it can be dangerous.  

Any debris will add more fuel to the candle than it’s designed to handle. Too much fuel can cause the flame to unexpectedly flare up or even start a small fire near the candle flame. 


* Location, Location, Location 

I love burning candles in my living room in the winter while I enjoy a book or movie with my family! My favorite type of scent to burn in that room is something with sandlewood or cedar because they just smell 'homey'! But be considerate of your candle's environment when deciding where to burn it. 

 Burn it on a level surface and away from air movement. Drafts, air vents and even people walking by can move the flame and cause debris and smoke marks on your container. So keep your candles away from high traffic areas - both for safety and aesthetic reasons! I like to burn my candles on a tray set with some small seasonal objects to make a mini "vignette" out of it. If you’re storing your candles, be sure to keep them in a cool place with the lid on to maintain the fragrance and form. 


The perfect gift to give and receive 

 Candles make great house warming gifts or complement to a seasonal centerpiece. One of the most popular gifts with our Algona customers is our Pure Joy bouquet, which is the best of both candles and flowers! No matter if you're giving a candle as a gift or choosing one for your own home, following these simple maintenance tips will help you get more life - and a better burn! - out of your candles. 


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