The Sanseveria Plant


Also known as: “mother-in-law’s tongue” and “snake plant”) 

A long time favorite houseplant because it’s just so. dang. forgiving! 

Fun Fact: Sanseveria is one of the best plants to clean indoor air. According to Nasa, it’s a top-notch air purifier by removing toxins such as toluene, nitrogen oxides, xylene and formaldehyde from the air. Got allergies? This plant is for you. Putting about 9 Sanseveria’s per 1000 square feet cleans the air nearly completely. The Sanseveria also emits oxygen at night which is a plus for using it in your bedroom.

Let’s talk plant care…. the Sanseveria is one of the easiest plants to grow and makes the perfect beginner plant or a great gift because there’s hardly any care required. Low light requirements make it perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or office.


Ideally moderately bright light with sometimes sun and sometimes shade but it can live anywhere from low light to direct sun. The less light, the darker the foliage and less variegation shows up.


Not colder than 45 degrees F. Ideal growth between 70 and 90 °F.


Once every two weeks during summer, once every 6-8 weeks during winter. Allow the soil to dry completely before rewatering. This is a suggestion - sometimes we go 3-4 weeks in the summer defending on lighting conditions and your house temp!


Standard potting soil is fine. Ideal is a regular cactus and succulent mix with great draining capabilities. Alternatively, mix 1 part sand to 4 parts potting soil. 


Mix a half teaspoon of liquid food (ideally for cacti/succulents) with the water every two months.


Every 2-3 years to a pot that is at least 20% larger than the last one.


Prune your plant by cutting off leaves at the base of the leaf. 


The easiest way to propagate is to divide a plant you already have into multiple plants at the roots. You can also cut a leaf in pieces of about 4 inches and put it in new earth. A new plant will grow from the leaf pieces but its first leaves will be smaller than with the dividing method.


Sanseveria’s are only mildly toxic to your pets because of the saponins it contains. Nausea and vomiting can happen, but your pets won’t try for a second time because Sanseveria’s are somewhat bitter and cause a burning sensation in the mouth. We have many customers with happy sansevieria and happy pets (they just aren’t that interested in them!) 


The most common problem is overwatering….. Make sure to let your soil dry completely between waterings. If your plant is still in it’s grower pot or in a container with drainage, many people prefer to water it in their sink to allow it to drain. 

If you have a stalk that gets soft and squishy you are most likely overwatering - remove the rotting stalk completely by pulling out of the soil by the roots. You can also carefully turn your plant on it’s side and slide it out of the pot, leaving the whole root/soil ball to circulate in the fresh air for 24-72 hours. Sanseveria have very shallow root systems so take care when repotting to make sure the plant is deep enough in the soil.  

Hands-down, this plant wins our vote for easiest plant ever. With over 70 varieties to choose from, there’s a Sanseveria for everyone (and every room). Breathe easier - literally - knowing that you are going to succeed with this houseplant!

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