How to Transition From Christmas Decor to Cozy Winter Living


Cozy Space

January is our quiet month. After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we want to hunker down and relax in the simplicity of the winter. It’s time to cozy up in the colder months and Bloom is here to help you with some tips to convert your space.

1. Get rid of the color red

Red is festive and merry and tells us Christmas is coming. It's an energetic color full of movement. However, if you’re looking for calm and cozy it's not quite the right vibe. Instead, swap red for soft metallics, whites and neutral brown tones mixed with greenery. Trade out Santa ware with clear glass vases and glazed pottery. If you need color, try blue tones that mimic the sky’s reflection on snow. And if you can’t decide on color, stick with white. White is so versatile, simple and clean and this time of year especially.  Pitchers, blankets, pillows, frames, candles, you name it.


Decorative Tray

2. Simplify your space

Declutter all the layering of Christmas decor, village displays, and chubby  snowman figurines. Pack them away and clear your visual space with simple dreamy decor. Stacks of books with a small cluster of trees and a soft swag of frosty berries in greenery. If you enjoy the soft glow of your Christmas tree in the dark hours of the day, remove the holiday ornaments and replace them with velvet draping bows and visually soft elements. Or pack up the tree and replace it with glowing battery operated candles or a floor vase with lighted branches! 


4. Bring Nature Inside

If your space is feeling blah from the lack of sparkle and shine, add some texture and visual interest to your winter decor with natural elements. Pine cones, birch logs and branches and antlers make fun additions to wreaths and arrangements.

5. Wood and warm tones

Wood tones warm up shades of white and add contrast.  Just a bit makes a space feel just a bit more cozy. Use wicker baskets, wooden stands and trays decorated with winter elements. Bare sticks in vases or in bundles are simple and inexpensive.

Wicker Baskets


6. Super soft blankets and pillows

For cozy winter decor, you can store throws in baskets, over the end of the sofa and on ladders. Choose textured throws, furs and pillows to add the softness and make seating more cozy because they also add some interest and depth to your winter decor. 

Bowl with branches and soft textiles

8. Candlelight

You can’t beat visual warmth from candles.  The soothing flicker of the flame mixed with the sound of the tiny crackling wick. Choose a scent that is deep and sweet and reminiscent of the earth. Get connected to your home through the soft smells and tones of candles while you curl up with a book and get cozy on you sofa. Purchase a Bloom Signature Candle HERE!

Bloom Seasonal Candle


 Bloom has many transitional styles for florals and decor in store. Our expert designers are here to help you design your space and stay happy through the doldrums of winter. 

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