Care Tips

Somebody thinks you're special - and we agree!

That's why we've created this care page for you to reference. Whether you're enjoying a vase of beautiful blooms or you are a new "plant parent", follow the care tips on this page to get the most enjoyment out of your gift. 

Received a green or blooming plant? Here's a quick review of basic plant care: 

1) Give your plant good light. Most houseplants like bright, indirect lighting.

2) Water when top inch or two of the soil is dry and let your plant drain well. 

3) Keep your plant away from cool drafts/high heat. 

Your plant's care requirements may vary according to type. Refer to the tag included or check out our many blog posts about specific variety care. Want even more care tips? Join our Email Club HERE to get a free fertilizer coupon! 

We'd also recommend a moisture meter or this popular plant accessory box.


loose flowers wrapped in paper

Did you receive a beautiful bouquet? Follow these tips to keep the blooms looking their best: 

1) Refresh the water every few days. Remove any leaves or petals in the water, give your ends a 1" trim, and put clean water in the vase. If you flowers are arranged in foam, simply add more water to your container. 

2) Keep away from heat/sun. Flowers age faster when they are warmer. Avoid heat vents or full sun windows. 

3) Enjoy the life cycle! Depending on the varieties included in your bouquet, you may watch your blooms open or change over the next few days. This is normal and part of the fun. Discard any dead stems and enjoy the remaining flowers. 

Want a vase refill? Join our Email Club HERE for $5 off and even more decor and care tips! 

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