Be the Hostess with the Most-est

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re blessed with a group of friends or family that you’ll be hosting this year you may be starting to prepare for them. Luckily for you, Bloom knows a thing or two about preparing and entertaining. We help hosts with many different events each year from weddings all the way to baby showers.

We're sharing 3 tips for being a rockstar host.

1.Start early 

Make a timeline of everything you or your guests will be doing once they arrive. Then use that to create a list of items you’ll need to make that happen. From the moment they walk in your door until the moment they leave, where will they be in your space? What will they be touching or using? If you have to, walk through your house as though you are a guest. This may seem excessive but it will prevent you from not having something you need on- hand. A few weeks out you can purchase extra toilet paper, hand soap, and check your condiments. On your walk-through be sure there’s a space to hang jackets and stash shoes and bags. Check that you’ve got plenty of hand towels and prep any bedding you’ll need for overnight guests.

Pro Tip: Get specific. Let’s say Grandma is arriving the night before. How does she start her morning? If it’s hot tea and honey, text her to see the tea brand she prefers and be sure you have honey in the house.

Christmas Mug and Greenery

I reached out to friend and customer, Kathryn Wirtz, about her thoughts on being a good hostess. I've had the pleasure of being her guest many times and am always blown away by how warm and welcome I feel in her home. She shared her thoughts with me. 

"Great hosting is less about making your space, place and food perfect, and more about making your guests feel comfortable". 

We totally agree! I would rather feel "at home" then be in awe of someone's home :) 

2. It’s the little things

How special Grandma will feel when you have her favorite hot beverage on hand just for her? It really is the little things that make a gathering feel special. Here’s some of our favorite ways to make our guests feel welcomed.

Display the Wi-Fi/password in both common areas and bedrooms for overnight guests.

Have a few extra chargers on hand you don’t want a guest to miss an Instagramable moment because their phone is dead!

Display a few games or group activities to get the party started.

If your guests have children, reach out ahead of time to ask if you can have anything specific on hand-a favorite snack, a quiet place for a nap or a spot to feed the baby.

Display a basket of things to “freshen up” in the bathroom spray deodorant, lotion, bobby pins, hygiene products, etc.

A carafe of water, a vase of fresh flowers and a little chocolate make a guest room feel luxurious.

Guests staying more than one night may appreciate a short list of local Algona favorites walking trails, Feed Mill coffee or recommended shopping like Bloom of course!

Kathryn shares a tip as well: "One simple thing I do when I host is always light a candle. Whether it's having a girlfriend over for coffee or hosting a large Christmas party, a lit candle is an easy way to help create an inviting comfortable space". 


3. Ask for help

You may hear the phrase, “Can I help with anything?” Guests like to feel useful and be part of the actions, so feel free to put them to work. Have them set the table, chop vegetables or dry dishes. They’ll feel more like part of the family, and you’ll benefit from the help. Some of the best conversations start over sharing a task.

When the big day is here, enjoy your well-earned time with your family or friends. Sharing a laugh over a chair shortage or slightly undercooked green beans is how memories are made.

Another way to ask for help is to get delivery! Save time and shopping stress by having your groceries and extra toiletries delivered a few days before you need them. Then call Bloom to order flowers delivered. We’ll help you choose the perfect Christmas centerpiece to complement your holiday décor and menu. Explore some ideas here. 

From the Bloom family to yours, we wish you a day of gratefulness and perfectly imperfect moments together with the people you care about!

** Special thanks to Kathryn Wirtz for her input (and impeccable hosting)! 

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