2023 Fall Decor Trends

As the seasons transition and the colors of nature change, it's the perfect time to give your space a fresh update. Join us as we dive into a few fall 2023 trends and discover how to bring them into your home - and floral arrangements!

Trend 1: Texture

Whether it's a cozy blanket, the smooth skin of that perfect pumpkin, or the crunch of leaves, this season is tactile! We're seeing a lot of rattan furnishings, unique vase textures, and boucle fabric in home decor. Here at Bloom, this time of year is perfect for incorporating stone, woven, or wood-look containers and decor! 

To bring this trend to life, think about incorporating textured elements into your home. The trick is to layer opposing textures together! Think rough versus smooth, pattern versus solid, matte finish versus glossy…. You'll be a texture pro in no time! Here's an example of how we layer different textures here at Bloom. 

texture fall home decor

When it comes to flowers, there's no shortage of ways we incorporate this trend. Some of our favorite fall flowers for texture are berries, dianthus, mums, and protea. We've even been known to add a little extra nature with moss or twigs! Dried stems are still trending and a great way to add a little flair and a different "finish" to a design. 

Our Sunflower Bounty Bouquet features a wooden box and overflows with lush sunflowers, fun "green trick" dianthus (that green grassy ball thing!), salidago blooms, and curly willow branches. It's a study in texture all its own! 

Trend 2: Sunset Tones

Capture the hues of an evening sky with our Sunset Tones trend. Think of shades like peach, gold, and terracotta that infuse your space with calm and serenity. You can even pull a bit of blush pink and lavender into this palette! These colors have been a winner for weddings, clothes, and decor - they are a softer version of the traditional fall tones and look amazing with any skin tone. 

Honey and amber tones are stealing the show this season, from amber glass to the resurgence of gold-hued accents like throw pillows and even wallpaper. 

How are we using this trend? Terracotta containers for both plants and flowers, luxurious ribbon treatments, and bouquets in this palette. Some of our favorite stems in these colors are peach mums, all shades of antique carnations, yarrow, toffee-colored roses, pinky astrantia, and craspedia!

 sunset tone fall home decor

Trend 3: Black and White

The black-and-white combination is a true classic no matter when (or where) you use it. We love it as a whole vibe for fall. Keep it classy, or try a modern twist with iron finishes, bleached dried flowers, and natural wood. This trend combines simplicity with sophistication, making it an ideal choice for fall decor that stands the test of time.

If you like to decorate for Halloween, a strict black-and-white palette (no orange allowed!) is a fun way to work it into your existing decor. You could even get crafty - think black-painted canning jars, a striped ribbon, and a white faux hydrangea for a classy spin on a spooky centerpiece! 

black and white fall home decor

Feeling inspired?

It's time to explore these fall trends and elevate your space. Browse our curated online selection of Fall Home Decor and trendy gifts! 


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