How To: Prom Edition

Prom is quickly approaching, and Bloom is here to help you make it a fun (and stress free) experience! Placing an order for prom flowers is a quick online process. Here's what you need to know: 

The Order Process

1. Have a photo of your dress ready - and if you have an inspiration photo keep that handy, too. You can upload these images directly to the form during the order process.

2. Fresh or faux? That's a great question! If you're on the fence....Artificial blooms make a great keepsake and can be picked up ahead of time if you're going to be busy on prom day. 

3. Think about COLOR. Your flowers should complement your dress instead of matching it....if the colors perfectly match they won't show up against your dress. Think about choosing an analogous color (think peach or red if your dress is pink) or a complementary color (like lime green and magenta). You'll be asked to select 2 different ribbon colors and 1 flower color during the order process. If you're ordering a corsage, these colors will be used by your designer to create a custom piece just for you, and any accent flowers like boutonniere or a flower ring will be made to coordinate.   

Need some inspiration? Check our out Prom Color Guide HERE 

Flower Color Wheel

Prom Weekend

If you ordered fresh flowers, here's some tips to keep them looking their best until you're ready to wear them! 

  1. Keep your corsage and boutonniere in the refrigerator until you are ready to wear them. *Do not put them in the freezer as the flowers will freeze.
  2. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat. 
  3. Keep them away from produce (out of the fruit drawer)! Ripening produce emits ethylene gas, which speeds up the aging process of cut flowers. 

Need help pinning your boutonniere? Check out THIS video. 

If you ordered a pocket boutonniere, simply slide the plastic base into your jacket pocket. If your pocket is more shallow than the boutonniere base, trim the bottom inch off the bottom of the plastic. 

Lapel boutonnieres have a sticky back - simply peel the white paper backing off and gently press to your jacket, taking care to press between the blooms to ensure it sticks well. 

We'd love to see your prom pictures! Be sure to tag Bloom on Instagram  @bloomalgona or #bloomalgonaprom

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