All About: The Amaryllis

Native to Africa, the genus Amaryllis comes from the Greek word amarysso which means "to sparkle". Bulbs were brought to Europe in the 1700s and have been known to produce blooms for up to 75 years!! The amaryllis bulbs most commonly grown as houseplants are from a slightly different genus and native to Central and South America. 

 Amaryllis Plant

If you're potting the amaryllis yourself, use a high-quality, sterile growing mix (to avoid fungus gnats). Moisten the soil, fill the pot a little more than half full and set the bulb on top. Add more soil, leaving the top 1/3 of the bulb exposed. After you plant your bulbs, water well to help settle them into their pots. Read on for our recommendations for continued care. 

Care Tips: 

Container: Choose a solid pot or container at least 3" wider than the diameter of the bulb, as amaryllis flowers have long stalks and top-heavy flowers 

Watering: Soak your bulb immediately after planting, then water sparingly after; about 1/4 cup per week for a single bulb

Temperature: Amaryllis prefer a slightly cooler room (60-65 degrees). Cooler temps prolong the life of most blooming or cut flowers as well. 

Lighting: Bright indirect or filtered light. Rotate the pot occasionally to keep the stem growing straight instead of leaning for the light source. 


These plants are a lot of fun to watch grow! The bulbs very quickly sprout a green stem that grows inches overnight before opening into beautiful, star-shaped bloom. This is a lovely gift for a loved one in a nursing home or to bring home and have the kiddos watch and enjoy!

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